Intimidating a witness kentucky

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Intimidating a witness kentucky

But, because of a past mistake, many – thousands of Kentuckians – who want to work and hav ehte necessary skills can't even get an interview.With the economic and workforce challenges we face, it's time this legislation passes.In other police activity, Fred Jones, 61, of Loyall, was arrested on an indictment warrant on Thursday by Harlan County Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Howard.

somebody criminally came onto our campus."Pitino also took exception with ESPN, which interviewed Powell in October.

You can expunge somebody's records, but you can't expunge facts. These individuals did no harm to seniors, children, or vulnerable adults." Putting these Kentuckians into the work force was a big reason for the support behind it.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes pointed out that "Accessing qualified, skilled employees is the number one issue for job growth and economic development in Kentucky.

He was lodged in the Harlan County Detention Center.

Lunsford presented evidence to the grand jury resulting in the indictment.

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