Updating timezone on redhat9

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When we list the files, the most recently uploaded files have a time stamp exactly one year too old.After about 15 minutes, it seems to correct itself and eventually displays the correct timestamp.

option builds OCI8 as a shared library that can be dynamically loaded into PHP.

o Domain join failures when using smbpasswd on a Samba PDC.

Member servers, domain accounts, and ============================================= Since Samba 3.0.8, it has been recommended that all domain accounts listed in on a member server be fully qualified with the domain name. All unqualified names are assumed to be local to the Unix host, either as part of the server's local passdb or in the local system list of accounts (e.g. The reason for this change is that smbd has transitioned from access checks based on string comparisons to token based authorization.

If you have defined your MYSQL_UNIX_PORT in your build, it should probably be that directory.shell If you suspect permission problems and but find all file anddirectory permissions in place and ok then selinux must begiving the problem. Try disabling selinux (by running system-config-securitylevel on fedora core 3 which i have) and retry.

It things work outthen fine tune selinux for your system After installing the distribution package mysql-standard-5.0.27-solaris8-sparc-64in its default location (/opt/mysql/mysql) I had to explicitely set the datadir when running "mysql_install_db":mysql_install_db --user=mysql --datadir=/opt/mysql/mysql/dataotherwise, mysqld_safe failed with "Fatal error: Can't open and lock privilege tables: Table 'mysql.host' doesn't exist".

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Building a shared extension allows OCI8 to be upgraded easily without impacting the rest of PHP. DLLs with higher versions may contain more functionality.

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