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He has never asked for a penny- every bit of money he has ever received from these little jobs, he has donated.” Julia added that Mason was a ‘miracle baby’ as she was once told that she could never have children, which makes him ‘all the more special’ to her.The selfless tot is well-known at Norbridge Academy, where a non-uniform day was recently held to assist him further in his fundraising.“My first thought was it could have been a meteor, but I doubted it because it was so low.“It was too white and fast moving to have been a firework or Chinese lantern.”The fireball was also reportedly seen by people in Ireland, Scotland, and Nottingham.

Some 36 acres of land, to the north of Mansfield Road between Lodge Farm Lane and the fork in the road leading to Mansfield on the left and Chesterfield on the right, were leased for 3 years from the owner Mr.The complainant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, stated he felt humiliated.He added that he had to have time off work due to stress and even took tablets to end his life.He would come shopping with me to Asda and Home Bargains and, for some reason, started picking up discarded items people had left in the aisles.“Soon he began making a bit of a name for himself and, when staff got to know him, he started working at both shops for a few hours each week at his own request.“I am back and forth to the hospital a lot, and Mason just decided he wanted to give something back.

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The origins of its name are unknown and have been subject to much debate, but consensus seems to conclude that it gets its name from an ancient ford crossing the River Idle.