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If OKCupid’s studies are anything to go by, black men gave black women the cold shoulder too and vice versa.

This is the era of online dating where you have millions of dating sites catering to everyone’s needs.

In a famous Swiss study, women who were asked to smell sweaty T-shirts worn by different men were most aroused when sniffing the shirts worn by guys with dissimilar immune systems, a crucial requirement to lasting attraction and healthy offspring.

Although it's not exactly scientific, my own experience backs up the science. My first scent memory of him, as we tipsily leaned into each other after a holiday party, was of expensive, tasteful cologne, like the men's section at Saks. I craved masculine sweat, heat, and tuber-like earthiness. But I ignored my desire to love my mate's scent because he was, in every other way, an amazing guy: a natural leader, an intellect, and a killer poker player.

In 1995, a Swiss researcher by the name of Claus Wedekind brought 44 sweaty T-shirts into his lab.

The shirts had spent the previous two days on a group of men who had been instructed to stay away from soaps, smoking, sex and other activities generally associated with smell.

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If your spouse doesn't smell good to you, it's bad news. His clothes, when they came off, smelled of Tide and Downy. He was a bit more vocal about his disdain for my scent.

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  1. That’s why when you’re interested in a woman you need to move things forward sexually. As the depth of your conversation progresses so should your touching, proximity, and overall sexual intent. By doing this, you build a connection gradually and smoothly.

  2. While plenty of Brighton singles have well-meaning friends who occasionally try to fix them up with a date, dinner-party invitations are not always the answer, and a more practical solution has to be found.